About Us

Who we are

Started by working Professionals in Singapore. EvolenceGlobal has been involved with Professional education/Global Solutions since its inception.In fact Evolence focus on International Products from A to Z in Singapore irrespective of Industries but we are probably unique as a company to have such a wide range of offerings and products. We are based in Asia-Pacific business hub that is Singapore . We also have a number of offices and Agencies across Asia Pacific region, which give us wide geographical coverage. We made strategic change in business focus in early stages itself . Now working exclusively on education solutions for individuals, public and private organizations across different Industries.

Our Mission

To be a Benchmark in the industry.

To become part of the community.

To create for the benefit of our end-users.

To enrich lives through sound business initiatives.

To align resources towards the goal of contributing to world "economic sonic boom".

To act as an economic catalyst linking opportunities from Asia pacific to the rest of the world.

To help provide a sustained partner in economic development & workforce development.

8) To act as an educational bridge which can transfer best to “The Best”.

Company Vision

volenceGlobal At the top in the industry "We share values, a vision of the future and we enjoy telling happenings". Our vision is about helping our clients to fulfill their endless wants & needs in a cost effective proportion and placing us as a moral and useful organization in society. Our vision foresee the economic success in the 21st century will require a highly educated workforce that is comfortable with latest technology. We believe to be a global trust hub for global solutions in 21st century.