Web Development & Design

We offer our clients high quality, cost effective and affordable website designs that will improve the business. Our website designs are not just another website. All our websites design packages include search engine optimization (SEO) that helps our client organizations to boost traffic and bring in more revenue. In this world were mobile dependency is increasing we provide high quality responsive website designs that are rendered on all devices with flexible meadia nd images and dynamic resizing of content.

Web Application Development

Our designers and engineers are specialicts in designing and developing custom web applications across various platforms according to client's business requirments. Our team is experienced with engineering internal and external based web applications. We also provide our clients with responsive designs that can be rendered on to any size devices effectively.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Desktop Application Development

EvolenceGlobal delivers cost effective custom desktop application designed to suit customer requirements for different industries.We recommend clients for the best solution matches their requirement and delivers in timely manner and provide adiquite support

Customized E-Commerce Development

Administrator Module, Promotion Modules

Membership Registration / basic CRM

Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway Integration

Related / Recommended Product / Cross Selling

Reward Point System / Rebate System / Coupon System

Dynamic Subcategory Management

Content Management System (CMS)

Maintenance and Outsourcing

After a website or software application is developed by EGS and is able to estimate that the amount of additional development work for the customer's application. EGS will support the customer application with a flat fee for a fixed number of amendments or programming work done. The prices will be based on the amount of man days needed for each amendment, and the amendments in total. With this support EGS will ensure the stability and relaibility of the application developed or maintanined by EGS